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The sun is shining; the temperature is rising; the ladies in your office have swapped black opaque tights for self-tan lotion and shimmery bronzer. Yes, it is THAT time of the year again – the glorious summer! Yet with the holiday season comes the eternal question of women: “How do I shop the perfect bikini for my body shape?”

Unless you are fortunate enough to look like a supermodel, you will need some tricks to hide those unsatisfactory body parts and to let your best assets stand out on the beach. This shopping guide from will help you find the bikini that best suits your body shape.

Curvy Top

If you have the ample cleavage that looks like Katy Perry’s, then you will need a little more support than the average spaghetti strap bikini. Halterneck tops are a great choice for girls with larger bust as the thicker straps can help keeping you up. They also tend to provide more coverage, if protection from the UV ray is your top concern on the beach.

Bony Chest

Shared by many high fashion models and ballerinas, a flat chest and a slender frame can be an elegant feature to play with in today’s beachwear trend. Women with smaller bust can enjoy the increasingly popular bandeau tops without looking ‘droopy’. Going strapless also means no tan lines on the shoulder, while a twist front or sparkly metalware adds a focal point and injects more energy into the style. If you want to create the illusion of more curves, a triangle bikini top with vivid prints would be your best friend. Most styles come with removable paddings to top up your feminity.

Full Stomach

Admit it or not, we have all been the victim of comfort eating. That evil slice of sponge cake is likely to go on holiday with you in the form of belly fat or stomach bump. It does not mean you have to hide in the boring granny swimsuit. Available in creative patterns and cut-outs, one-piece swimsuits (or maillots as the beach-loving Aussies call it) have recently conquered the beach fashion runways. Sexy mesh panels, double layer belly-control linings, extra low backs, built-in paddings, detachable straps, … You will be spoilt for choice.

Flat Bottom

Not all of us are blessed with the butt of Kim Kardashian, and you are tempted to go for the bikini bottom with the broadest coverage to hide your flat lower half. DON’T! Contrary to the belief of most of us, revealing more flesh will actually make one’s figure appear more shapely. Popular in California and South American shore cities, the ‘cheeky’ (or ‘latin’) cut – which shows the lower 1/3-1/2 part of your buttock – creates the illusion of lifted glutes and elongated legs. Phax, a Colombian brand, is loved by many for its cute cut bikini bottoms. Low rise and side tie bottoms have the same effect as they reveal the bony part of your hip to offset any flab. These cuts come in beautiful colours and prints and are a great way to jazz up your bikini wardrobe.

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