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DressTheWater.com is an online designer swimwear shop based in London, UK. We dedicate ourselves to offering a premium yet affordable beach fashion collection to our style-conscious customers. Our selection includes luxury bikinis, trendy swimsuits, beautiful beach cover-ups and accessories. We put our heart into finding the best swimwear labels from around the globe, that are made with top quality material in unique, show-stopping designs.

The name of the boutique is derived from the philosophical concept that, while witnessing the water scenery, one is also having an active influence on this scenery. She unknowingly infuses her own beauty into the surroundings, and hence becomes the secret dressing that completes the beautiful scenery to be admired by the world.

As praised in our favourite poem:

The water adorns your scene,
While you adorn another’s dream.♥


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If you make gorgeous bikinis, swimsuits or beach fashion accessories and would like to supply your products to our customers, please contact us on info@dressthewater.com.


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